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Silver Labels

Print Your Own Silver Labels with your Primera LX400, LX800, LX810 and LX900 Color Label Printer


lx900-silver-roll.jpgPrimera Silver Polyester Labels for your Primera LX-series color label printer.


Silver Polyester Film Labels

Polyester film is commonly used as a label material due to its high clarity, strength, tear and heat resistance, and printing characteristics. Product labels made of polyester film are also water resistant. These gloss polyester labels affix to products with a permanent, general purpose adhesive.


Silver Gloss Polyester labels have a reflective metallic silver shiny surface

Due to the nature of these polyester film labels, it is highly recommended that you select the reduced ink saturation settings before printing your product labels. You can change this setting directly in your LX-series printer driver software.


Gloss polyester film labels for Primera LX-series color label printers are ideal for products that may be exposed to heat or moisture including products requiring refrigeration such as gourmet food containers. They can also be used for dry goods, candles, and other products. These labels are the label of choice for attaching to a flat surface.


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