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BarTender Barcode Software: Professional Edition

BarTender Barcode Software is the pinnacle of bartending label technology, allowing users to create and print labels, cards, and tags. Designs feature graphics and a variety of available styles. The Professional Edition allows for printing up to 128 inches wide or tall. It also offers the ability to print large batches of items, which are neatly arranged in rows to make it easy to use and apply. Users may also print round and elliptical shapes, making the Professional Edition versatile.

Text in the Professional Edition can be manipulated by users to achieve any design. Text may be stretched, resized, shaped, and otherwise personalized. Graphics are similarly malleable, allowing users to draw any shapes they need; to use dashes, dots, and solid lines; to fill and grade the desired shapes; and to access font libraries.

In addition to printing and design abilities, BarTender Barcode software's Professional Edition also has a database of thousands of name brand labels. And since barcodes are a central aspect of the Professional Edition's offerings, you can print a variety of sizes and use one and two dimensional symbologies. This edition also has a library of barcode formats and human readable printing.

Also included with the Professional Edition is the label design features for which BarTender is known and data access for spreadsheets, text files, and network databases. Labels and RFID tags are supported, and it encodes magnetic strips. It also includes Batch Maker and Print Station.

Printer Licensing:
PC Licensing: Based on the number of PCs used

Optimedia Labs sells all BarTender barcode and label design software editions. The BarTender Professional Edition label software is the ideal software to help you design your own GHS or product labels with barcodes and works perfectly with all the leading color label printers sold by Optimedia Labs, including Primera, Epson, Afinla, Toshiba, and VIPColor. Many of these printers ship with a Lite version of the software, but purchasing the Professional Edition means you get dozens of new features.

If you are ready to make labels like a pro, try BarTender Professional Edition for free for 30 days!

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