Wasatch SoftRIP Color Software for Afinia L801 Label Printer


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Wasatch SoftRIP Color Software for Afinnia L801 Memjet Color Label Printer - Now you can precisely match any color to your exact requirements!

Wasatch SoftRIP Color Software-Benefits of working with

Wasatch SoftRIP Color Software is a time-saving solution that features innovative color management options and workflow tools designed for improved color quality. With this solution, better design with greater accuracy is possible. 

What are the features included in the solution?

Enhanced performance capabilities give a person greater control over nearly every aspect of the layout, allowing the designer to tune in on some of the smallest details for a better outcome. Features for the Advanced Color Management Software facilitate design and production processes. Here are some of the features included in the solution.

Features include:

• Spot color replacement
• Easy connectivity to practically any system or solution 
• Well-designed workflow interface
• Improved ink utilization for better cost savings
• Label design components support label printing with variable data
• Material profiling for improved matching processes to label stock 

Exploring the capabilities of the Wasatch SoftRIP Color Software

One can tweak their designs with manipulation of lightness and darkness color channels. Adjustment settings for pinpoint accuracy when working with the X and Y axis optimizes design process. Intuitive design facilitates completion of processes like cutting units and registration marks. Color Atlas Generator creates color patches, which allow one to match color requirements to output. Spot color replacement technology streamlines management of incoming files, making it easier to manipulate and correct colors as files are processed. Layout management tools serves as powerful preview tool. Drag, drop, rotate, tile and mirror capabilities for manipulating images decreases time allocated for layout. Using a custom ICC profile for curve correction can be done using a profile. ICC input and output profiles are conveniently controlled from the Color Transforms screen. Rendering intents, ICC profile selection and key processing factors can all be chosen using just one screen. Network space can be saved with archiving features. Drag and drop features allow one to import files into the RIP queue in no time. Flexible solution can be connected to a variety of workstations supported by PC, Unix or Mac. 

Tools for every skill level make it easy for anyone to work within the solution. Color quality is improved with advanced gradient control and color production. In the ability to store a lot more media within the solution, one stands to save thousands in production costs. Administering one or several workstations from the SoftRIP tool makes it easier manage network resources and multiple workstations. Individuals can maximize the performance of their inkjet printer and produce prints higher in quality in a more cost effective manner with the Wasatch SoftRIP Color solution.