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VIPColor VP485 & VP495 Label Unwinder


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VIPColor VP485 & VP495 Label Unwinder

The VIPColor VP485 Unwinder is used to unwind labels onto a 3” core holder. The unwinder can handle labels up to 8.5” wide and unwind rolls with external diameter up to 10”. An external auto switching 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V power supply allows an electronic circuit to provide, through the tension arm, the adjustment of the rotation’s speed and rotation’s direction. A 2A fuse is used as protection.

The VIPColor VP485 Unwinder has two types of speed adjustment: it is possible to set the main speed through a knob and the tension arm automatically adjusts the speed from zero up to the selected speed.

The position of the tension arm is calibrated as follows:

  • When the printer forwards the media for printing, the tension arm goes up, the device unwinds the media.
  • When the tension arm is in the middle position, the device is idle.
  • When the printer pulls back the media, the tension arm goes down, the device rewinds it.

When the unwinding operations are finished, the unwinder stops thanks to the contact between the tension arm and the base and an acoustic signal sounds to let you know the rolls of labels is ready.