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Primera Label Types

When a company decides to create unique and eye-catching labels with a Primera color label printer, it is important that they choose a machine that will highlight an organization's product. Depending on the materials used to make a label, the finished design could vary dramatically. There are several different label materials available for use in a Primera machine, and companies are well-advised to gain a better understanding of their options.


Paper Labels

These types of labels are perfect for being placed on cardboard, most plastics and metal products. Not only are bright, white labels available for use with a Primera printer, but there are white matte and white high-gloss finishes. The latter two have good water resistance properties, so they might be better suited for drink or food labels that produce condensation.

Contrary to that, semi-gloss paper labels have little-to-no water resistance and are generally used for carton labels. It is good to remember that any item that will be exposed to moisture, polypropylene or polyester labels are the best option, as these tags are fantastic for water resistance.

Along the same lines as paper labels, there are paper tags. These are different in that there is no adhesive involved. If a company needs to create nametags or visitor badges, paper tags for the Primera LX-series are perfect. Similar to the labels, this style is available in white matte, white high-gloss and white photographic finishes.


Polypropylene and BOPP Film Labels

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is a type of polypropylene film that has been stretched and extruded. The end result is a strong material that is easy to coat, print and laminate. Available in either a bright white matte or gloss finish, these labels are resistant to water, grease, oil, flex cracking and punctures. Furthermore, there will not be any shrinkage or wrinkling caused by changes in the environment. A business can rest assured that their text and images will remain crisp and clear. 

Any products that are exposed to moisture, oil or variable temperatures will benefit greatly from a polypropylene label. For example, enterprises that make cosmetics, lotions and moisturizers will be pleased with the results.

Additionally, BOPP film labels are ideal for cylindrical products as polypropylene takes the same shape - the edges will not turn over or peel off. Business owners that need a label for beer bottles or portable propane canisters should keep BOPP products - also available in matte and high-gloss - in the forefront of their minds.


Polyester Films

The polyester material is commonly used for labels due to its high clarity, strength and tear and heat resistance. These product labels are also water resistant, offering items a permanent, general purpose adhesive.

Within the polyester options, there are white, clear, gold and silver. Each color specification will have a glossy, reflective surface in addition to the chosen hue. Products that are temperature sensitive and might be exposed to extreme heat, moisture or refrigeration can benefit from a glossy polyester label.

While the BOPP option is suited for cylinder-shaped designs, glossy polyester labels are the prime choice for flat surfaces.


A perfect label for every product

The same way that every business is unique, so too owners must ensure that their products are properly labeled so customers understand what they are purchasing. Whether nutritional facts must be clear or an organization needs new employee ID badges, polished labels and tags are a necessity.

With numerous options available through Optimedia Labs Primera color printer line, a company can find a perfect label.