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VIPColor Label Printers

VIPColor Label Printers

When you've devoted considerable effort to designing a label that both draws the eye and conveys all of the information necessary, a shoddy printing job is similar to stumbling at the last hurdle. However, when you entrust your company label-making to a third party, that is exactly the risk you take.

Who, after all, will treat your printing project with more care and deliberation than you? 

And should any issues arise regarding color choices or identification requirements, why deal with the hassle of making last minute changes with a printer when you can handle the entire process easily and affordably from within your organization?

The benefits of VIPColor label printers

VIPColor label printers provide the flexibility of on demand four-color label-printing, so you don't have to waste time on the phone with printing companies or spend unnecessary sums on backstock. Whether you need package, product, promotion, logistic or location labels, to be used indoors or out, VIPColor has the label printer you need to create eye-catching pieces with ease and accuracy. This line of label printers have been specifically designed to facilitate high-volume production of customized labels and packaging, giving you control over every detail from start to finish.

What VIPColor label printers include

The line up of VIPColor label printers features the following products:

  • VP485 - Enjoy the flexibility of short turn label printing with this high-quality label printer, with one of the lowest cost of ownership for any inkjet label printer now available
  • VP495  - The newest addition to the VIPColor line, this model has been certified as BS5609 compliant and can print labels that retain their brightness outdoors for up to a year.

With VIPColor label printers, you don't have to compromise on color, cost or quality for your customized labels.