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Barcode Labels

When it comes to ensuring a company's compliance with government standards, commitment to reliable delivery and adherence to strong inventory tracking practices, there may be no better asset than barcode labels, which present a practical solution to the aforementioned issues.


However, when businesses look to produce barcode labels, some may find that they forgo this crucial investment due to their belief that the costs of instituting this system will be too high.


As a result, many business owners may be surprised to note that they can create high-quality labels for their candles, cleaning supplies, pet foods and more that are not only scratch, smudge, tear and water-resistant, but also cost-effective to produce.


The benefits of printing labels in-house

By investing in tools that allow them to print their own labels in office, business owners, managers and decision makers can gain the tools they need to begin addressing problems with compliance, delivery or product tracking.


For example, whether a company needs to label specialty products for test marketing, a special promotion or to proof labels before a larger, longer run, business owners can gain flexibility by investing in the fastest desktop label printers available.


The long-term savings of owning a printer

By purchasing the right printer, company owners can take advantage of the cost savings that some manufacturers allow. For instance, Primera LX900 label printer only uses individual cyan, magenta, black and yellow cartridges instead of color and black cartridges. As such, business owners only need to replace the specific cartridges they need, eliminating excess spending on ink that never contributes to tackling a necessary business task.


Partnering with Optimedia Labs
At Optiimedia Labs, we specialize in providing a wide product selection to companies looking to meet the demands of an ever-changing market with barcode labels. But, in addition to offering only top-quality Primera printers to our clients in the United States, Canada and Australia, we also offer services that few of our competitors provide.

For example, at Optimedia Labs, we provide same day shipping on all supplies from Canada, a knowledgeable full-time sales staff that answers queries via a toll-free line and a custom label service for all label printers. Contact us today to find out how your company can achieve the many benefits of barcode labels with a Primera label printer.

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