Primera Color Label Printers

Primera color label printers for sale from Optimedia Labs

Primera Color Label Printers

Primera color label printers are a leading choice for product manufacturers who want the best graphic and text for “prime” product labels. Primera Technology offers both ink-based and toner-based Primera color label printers.

Which Ink (or Toner) Type is the Right Primera Color Label Printer for You?

With both dye- and pigment-based inkjet models available as well as laser-based models, it’s smart to determine the ink or toner type first so you can focus on the best Primera color label printers for your needs.

  • Dye-based Primera color label printers — With resolutions of up to 4800 dpi, the quality of the dye-ink-based Primera LX400, LX500, LX500c, LX600 and LX900/LX910 is unsurpassed. These printers produce beautiful, professional quality full color labels with crisp graphics and text. Primera color label printers like the Primera LX500 or Primera LX910 are typically used to produce high-end product labels such as wine bottle labels on demand. They are affordable to own and operate and are ideal for small to mid-volume production environments. With its smaller size, the Primera LX500 is also commonly used for printing name badges, employee IDs, and visitors passes.
  • Pigment-based Primera color label printers — The Primera LX910, Primera LX3000 and Primera LX2000 use pigment-based ink cartridges. Note that the Primera LX910 and LX3000 can use either dye-based or pigment-based inks. Primera color label printers using pigment-based inks produce durable industrial and chemical labels. The pigment inks resist fading, abrasions, water, oil, and chemicals, making them ideal for a wide range of applications where contact with these elements is likely such as shampoo labels, outdoor labels, horticulture labels, or chemical labels.
  • Toner-based Primera color label printers — Dry toner, laser-based Primera label printers like the CX1000 and CX1200 feature the perfect balance of high resolution label printing with speed, capacity, and precision. Whether you need to print a few product labels on demand or thousands at once, Primera label printers are an outstanding value. Depending on the label stock used, you can print either color product labels or GHS chemical drum labels on laser-based Primera color label printers. While the laser-based Primera color label printers have been discontinued, we carry CX1000 and CX1200 supplies and accessories if you already own one of these laser-based Primera color label printers.

Best Selling Primera Color Label Printers



  Primera Printer Model Description & Features



  Primera LX500c color label printer with cutter, 4” printer, single CMY ink cartridge, Dye ink only



  Primera LX910 color label printer, 8” printer, single CMY ink cartridge, Dye and Pigment inks available



  Primera LX3000 color label printer, 8” printer with large ink tanks, separate ink tanks for cyan, yellow and magenta, Dye and Pigment inks available (Same printer as LX910 but with larger ink tanks)

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Whether you’re looking for a “prime” label printer or a color industrial label printer, Primera Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of color label printers. Optimedia Labs sells Primera color label printers including the Primera LX500, LX500c (cutter), Primera LX910, and LX2000. If you’d like to see the print quality before making a buying decision, request sample labels and we will print samples of your design file on any of the Primera color label printers you are considering.