Primera LX910 Ink Cartridges

Primera LX910 Ink Cartridge

The Primera LX910 color label printer uses one ink tri-color ink cartridge containing cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. What’s unique about the LX910 is that it can accept either a dye-based Primera 53492 LX910 ink cartridge or a pigment-based Primera 53493 LX910 ink cartridge, depending on how you intend to use the printed labels.

Optimedia Labs carries both types of Primera LX910 ink cartridges. In general, you’ll want to use the dye-based Primera 53492 LX910 ink cartridge for printing product labels that need to look their best. Dye inks produce vivid colors and are great for applications that do not require the added durability that pigment inks offer.

The pigment Primera 53493 LX910 ink cartridge should be used when you need to print more durable GHS BS5609 chemical labels. For example, pigment inks offer much better resistance to fading, smudging, smearing, abrasions, oil, and water than dye inks. Thus, if you need to print GHS BS5609 chemical labels for items likely to be submerged in water (like beer bottles in an ice chest), using synthetic labels with the pigment-based Primera 53493 LX910 ink cartridge is a great choice.

In addition, pigment ink and LX2000 Chemical labels must be used when printing GHS BS5609-compliant labels. These LX2000 Chemical labels are compatible with the Primera LX910 label printer and, when used with the Primera 53493 LX910 pigment ink cartridge will produce GHS BS5609-compliant labels. This combination produces the most durable, waterproof labels you can print with the Primera LX910. GHS BS5609 labels are not compatible with dye inks.

Because you can use the Primera LX910 with two different types of ink, we recommend ordering both types of Primera LX910 ink cartridges as well as a spare of each so that you are ready for any label printing challenge at any time. Order your Primera LX910 ink cartridges now.