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name Badge Labels

When it comes to business outreach, presentation is key. That's why when businesses send their representatives to trade shows, industry events or other specialty gatherings where they need to look professional, they invest in ID badges and name tags that help them put their best foot forward. Similarly, schools and hospitals often need ID badges so that processes and policies that increase safety can be carried to fruition.

But, while the process of creating high-resolution, scratch-resistant ID and name badges used to take weeks and involve third parties, organizations can now simply provide for this need through the purchase of an affordable Primera LX400 label printer.

Primera LX400 label printers work with management software and systems
Since the primary purpose of name and ID badges is to ensure the security of schools, hospitals and businesses, Primera LX400 label printer is equipped to work in concert with the top software on the market for both Windows and Mac OS.

For example, after purchasing this printer, organizations can use Visitor Pass Solutions to create self-expiring ID badges that change color overnight. Similarly, with EasyLobby, organizations are able to allow desk reception and lobby professionals to easily identify the validity of their badges electronically.

Adding logos and designs to name and badge labels
With Primera LX400 color label printers advanced designs are backed up by the quality provided by the smallest industrial-grade color label printer on the market. The Primera LX400 label printer use a droplet size of 4pL for color and 5.5. pL for black, ensuring that images are as crisp and pure as they appeared on the desktop originally.

Purchasing Primera LX400 label printers from Optimedia Labs

While Primera LX400 color label printer is available from a number of providers, few offer a similar wide range of benefits to U.S. and Canadian organizations as Optimedia Labs. With affordable ink cartridges that allow for the maximization of this purchase and an easy-to-use online store, our company should be the first stop for organizations looking for cutting-edge printing technology.

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Print Your Own Name Badges and Identification Badges with a Primera LX400 Label Printer.