Barcode Software

Barcode Software

Printing your own barcode labels requires barcode software loaded with various barcode symbologies like UPC, EAN, Data Matrix, CODE 39, and QR codes. The items you will be labeling will oftentimes dictate the barcode format. For example, if you need to design and print barcodes for retail products, you’ll likely print a UPC barcode format whereas barcodes for marketing purposes will more often take a QR or data matrix barcode. Thus, it’s important to be sure your barcode software supports the intended barcode labeling application.

Optimedia Labs sells popular barcode software from leading developers as well as RIP and variable data software.

-   NiceLabel Barcode SoftwareNiceLabel barcode software is available in several configurations including cloud-based barcode software, a label management system, and designer and desktop barcode software for designing and printing your own barcodes. We offer a free, 30-day trial of NiceLabel barcode software so you can experience the features and benefits before you buy.

-   BarTender by Seagull Scientific  - BarTender barcode software comes in four editions: Starter, Professional, Automation, and Enterprise. Whether you need barcode software to print basic barcodes and labels or a robust solution that imports Excel data, spans multiple worksites, or integrates with ERP/WMS systems, there’s a BarTender barcode software solution to match.

-   RIP Barcode Software — Many barcode labels include both the barcode itself as well as color graphics. RIP barcode software gives you precise control over your labels’ color with quick setup, intuitive color controls, and plug-and-play imaging configuration.

-   Variable Data Software — If you want to print a series of sequential barcodes or labels, using variable data software is a time saver and productivity booster. Variable data barcode software links to an external database like an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to print serialized barcodes based off the data contained in the spreadsheet.

Many label printers come with basic barcode software, which is a great way to start. However, as your barcode labeling requirements become more complex, it’s smart to upgrade to more advanced barcode software such as NiceLabel, BarTender, and Wasatch SoftRIP Variable Data. If you need help selecting the best barcode software solution for your needs, our barcode printing specialists are happy to help.