Printronix Ribbons

Printronix Ribbons | Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Optimedia Labs sells Printronix ribbons for leading Printronix thermal transfer printers such as the Printronix 2204 , T8000, T6000, T4000, T2N, T800, T600 and Printronix T5000. The Printronix ribbons we sell are available in various sizes and ink formulations. These Printronix ribbons typically come on a 1-inch core with black ink.

Resin Printronix ribbons are the most durable while wax Printronix are the least. Resin enhanced wax Printronix ribbons and wax-resin ribbons fall in the middle, offering crisper blacks and greater durability than wax alone. These wax-resin Printronix ribbons are great for a wide range of barcode and labeling applications. Whether you need a premium, general purpose, or ultra durable ribbon, we’re here to help with all of your thermal transfer printing needs.

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