E-cigarette Labels

Print your own e-cigarette labels with label printer from OptimediaLabs.comEndless Options for Printing E-cigarette Labels

E-cigarettes (also known as electronic cigarettes) are one of the fastest growing products in today’s market. Many different E-cigarette companies are popping up every day, which is why it’s so important to outshine the competition with eye-catching designs and logos. The easiest way to do that is with the ability to print your own e-cigarette labels in-house. With a label printer from Optimedia you can print color labels on demand in the convenience of your office. There is a vast array of printers available from Optimedia to fit your needs.

Print E-cigarette labels with the Primera LX900 color label printer
The Primera LX900 label printer is a savvy choice when it comes to printing e-cigarette labels. It will print your labels at lightning speed without sacrificing the quality of your designs. The bright colors available on the Primera LX900 are outstanding and create e-cigarette labels that will help your products stand out. It was also designed to be energy efficient so you won't overspend on electricity. The Primera LX900 supplies and accessories are also affordable, making this a worthy investment!

Print E-cigarette labels with the VIPColor VP485 color label printer
The VIPColor VP485 color label printer utilizes the HP inkjet printer engine to ensure high quality prints every time. The labels are printed with a thermal inkjet printing technology that creates 1200 x 1200 dpi quality prints. This all happens at a fast speed of five inches per second to produce e-cigarette labels that are resistant to smudging, scratches and water damage. The VIPColor VP485 printer's digital display enables you to always print perfect e-cigarette labels by making specific selections on label size and alignment. The ink cartridge level is also displayed so you never have to guess when to refill it.

Print E-cigarette labels with the Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer
Afinia printers are a great choice if your company prints a very large quantity of e-cigarette labels each month. The versatility of The Afinia L801 printer is endless! It can produce different types of e-cigarette labels from 2-inches to 8 inches in width and 40-inches in length on a roll to roll run. It prints professional grade designs on your choice of gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish e-cigarette labels. To streamline your printing the Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer has a USB or Ethernet port to connect to any of your devices quickly. An LED display ensures precision printing and peak performance. The Afinia L801 has the lowest production cost when printing e-cigarette labels and is also the fastest label printer in the industry.

Print e-cigarette labels with the Afinia R635 laser color label press
The Afinia R635 laser color label press is a great option for all of your professional, high speed printing needs. It prints e-cigarette labels at a speed of 30 feet per minute and produces a 1200 x 600 dpi image. The speed and quality of the Afinia R635 laser color label press make it a cost effective choice when printing custom designs and logos for e-cigarettes. The Afinia R635 laser color label press is for companies that just want the best e-cigarette label printer.

One of the best things about investing in an e-cigarette label printer is that you can print only a few labels to try your new designs or print thousands of labels quickly, without dye charges or setup charges. Contact an Optimedia sales consultant today to see which printer is best for your business.