Godex Barcode Printers

GoDEX Barcode Printers

GoDEX barcode printers are ideal for a wide variety of barcode and labeling applications including shipping and logistics, manufacturing, commerce, industry, and medical applications. Optimedia Labs sells GoDEX barcode printers made for industrial, desktop, and mobile use.

Industrial GoDEX Barcode Printers

Rugged and reliable, industrial GoDEX barcode printers feature a heavy duty design for the most demanding industrial label and barcode applications. Industrial GoDEX barcode printers are available in various widths up to 8 inches, allowing you to select a heavy duty barcode printer for everything from small laboratory vials to large chemical drums.

Industrial GoDEX barcode printers are typically configured for high volume label and barcode environments such as manufacturing facilities, transportation and logistics hubs, and large warehouses.

Depending on your needs, GoDEX barcode printer models are available for mid-volume and high-volume production. GoDEX barcode printers in this class offer the perfect blend of economy, reliability, high output, power, and precision.

Desktop GoDEX Barcode Printers

Desktop GoDEX barcode printers are more compact in size and designed for more general, manufacturing, laboratory, retail, restaurant, and front and back office applications like printing barcodes, shipping labels and documents, ingredients labels, transportation tickets, receipts, and invoices. With a compact size, desktop GoDEX barcode printers fit nicely on desks, checkout counters, food service counters, lobbies, and other workspaces. Desktop GoDEX barcode printers often feature an easy-loading clamshell design and USB ports.

Mobile GoDEX Barcode Printers

Mobile GoDEX barcode printers are the smallest of all GoDEX barcode printers and designed for mobile use. Mobile GoDEX barcode printers print 2-inch or 3-inch thermal barcode labels, depending on the GoDEX barcode printer you order. These mobile GoDEX barcode printers typically connect to mobile devices wirelessly and are used for a wide range of mobile label and barcode printing applications including: parking tickets, concert tickets, meal tickets, transportation tickets, sporting events tickets, inspection labels, warehousing labels, will call labels, and more.

Optimedia Labs sells mobile, desktop, and industrial GoDEX barcode printers, blank label and tag stock for GoDEX barcode printers, barcode ribbons, and other supplies and accessories. If you need any help selecting a GoDEX barcode printer, our barcode and labeling specialists are here to help!

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