Dietary Supplement Label Printers

Dietary Supplement Label Printers

Print your own dietary supplement labels with color label printers from OptimediaLabs.comWith the ever-growing demands placed on dietary supplement manufacturers to display increased and specialized information regarding their supplements, it is difficult, and costly, for the manufactures to keep up and remain profitable. Label printing costs have been logistically impossible, and have limited the manufacturers’ ability to produce the product they need based on customer demand. 

Optimedia Labs Has Solutions!
Optimedia Labs, a leader in medical label supply, offers many great solutions to satisfy the printing needs of dietary supplement manufacturers and to control label printing costs. With different label sizes and printing options easily and readily available, manufacturers will be able to accommodate any label printing job, small or large.

Supply Labels In-House
Having the ability to print labels themselves gives dietary supplement manufactures a great cost advantage over their competitors. With these flexible, convenient and cost-effective color label printers, the manufacturer can control how many labels are printed on each run. They only print what they need, and do not have to store labels until the next time they are needed. This also allows the manufacturer to run smaller quantities of product to meet the demands of the consumer.

Top of the Line Printers Available

The Primera LX900 Color Label Printer
For beautiful, high-resolution color labels, the Primera LX900 color label printer is the best on the market. The newest of Primera’s color label printers, this is one of the fastest label machines, producing up to 4.5 inches per second. This printer allows all types of graphics and only requires replacement of individual colors, saving money on ink cartridges. 

The VP485 Color Label Printer
This printer is the leader in short run technology. The VIPcolor VP485 allows quick changes for label design and increased flexibility in production. The VP485 printer can handle any complex printing job, from bar coding to graphic designs.

Large Label Print Jobs
For companies that print tens of thousands of labels each month, the Afinia L801 and R635 color label printers are the perfect solution. These printers can handle any big job, and they save the manufacturer money by printing labels in-house that would cost hundreds elsewhere. These printers can print up to 60 feet per minute and produce high quality images.

Manufacturers should contact Optimedia Labs directly for the best dietary supplement label printer for their business. They have many different label printers in stock, and their professional, courteous sales staff can help pick just the right label printer to meet the needs of any business.