Zebra Ribbons

Zebra Ribbons for Zebra Thermal Transfer Printers

Optimedia Labs sells Zebra ribbons compatible with popular Zebra thermal transfer printers such as the Zebra 170-172PAX, Zebra GK-GX ½-inch printer, Zebra HT-146, Zebra TLP 2746e, ZEBRA TLP2684-Strata, ZEBRA ZE 500, Zebra-Eltron 2044-2046-Eclipse, Zebra-Eltron 2824, Zebra-Eltron 2844, and Zebra-Eltron TLP2242.

Zebra ribbons typically come on either 1-inch or ½-inch cores and are wound with the ink-coated side facing OUT. They come in a variety of widths ranging from 2 inches to up to 8 inches in width. We sell wax, resin, and wax-resin formulas of Zebra thermal transfer ribbons. Wax Zebra ribbons are an economical choice suitable for general purpose label and barcode printing whereas the most durable, long-lasting Zebra ribbons are resin ribbons. Wax-resin formulations offer a nice compromise with greater durability than wax alone.

Browse our selection of Zebra ribbons by selecting your Zebra thermal printer model below or using the filters to narrow the selection of ribbons down to best meet your needs.