Hot Sauce & Barbecue Sauce Labels

Print Your Own Hot Sauce & Barbecue Sauce Labels

Print your own hot sauce labels with color label printer from OptimediaLabs.comWhen you have invested your time and money to create amazing hot sauce, you want to share your product with the world. In order to sell your product in the marketplace, you need to find a cost-effective way to create professional quality labels for your hot sauce bottles. While you can outsource this task to a third party label manufacturer, you may consider the benefits of printing your labels in-house as an alternative. There are several high-quality digital color labels printrers that you can invest in that can help you to create the professional labels you want for your products. They are ideal for short-run quantities and are a more cost-effective option than using label printing services. 

Primera LX900 Color Label Printer
If you are looking for an affordable label printer with a compact design, take a closer look at the Primera LX900 color label printer. This is a desktop printer that features a USB port for connectivity, and it uses die-cut, rolled labels for convenience and professional results. It has a retail price of less than $2,500, making it one of the more affordable label printers on the market that are known for quality and durability. It is also designed to be easy to use, and it is capable of easily producing anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand labels per month.

VIPColor VP485 Color Label Printer
Whether you need to print a few hundred or a few thousand color labels per month, the VIPColor VP485 color label printer is an ideal solution. It has a small footprint and can be used in smaller office environments. With a retail sales price of around $3,000, you can print short-run or large-run print jobs with ease and without having to pay set-up fees or other printing company fees. It has an external label unwinder, large ink cartridges and an Ethernet port. 

Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press
For truly professional results from a reliable printer capable of completing larger print jobs with precision and speed, the Afinia R635 laser color label press is the right solution to consider. This impressive label printer is suitable for companies that need to print more than 5,000 labels per month. It is durable and speedy, with a printing speed of 30 feet per minute and a resolution of 1,200 dpi. With its large ink capacity, the print jobs are easily to complete without hassle. It is known for producing vivid, clear images and for having a very low cost of ownership.

When you own a color label printer, you can easily print your hot sauce labels in a cost-effective way and make adjustments to your design without hassle. You can learn more about these top color label printers and other quality products available through Optimedia Labs. Optimedia Labs is an industry leader focused on helping each of its clients set up an in-house label printing solution that is ideal for their needs and budget. If you are ready to learn more about these and other options for your in-house hot sauce label printing needs, turn to Optimedia Labs for assistance.