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Many businesses, large and small, have at least one Zebra printer. These popular thermal label printers are affordable, easy to use, and flexible. Whether you need to print receipts, coupons, labels, barcodes, shipping documents, address labels, or industrial labels, Optimedia Labs has a Zebra printer for you!

When you think of a zebra, what comes to mind? Black and white stripes, right? Most Zebra printer models use black ink on white media to produce black and white barcodes, receipts, and labels. If you want a splash of color, don’t worry, we have color thermal transfer ribbons if your Zebra printer is a thermal transfer printer as well as flood-coated direct thermal labels if you have a direct thermal Zebra printer.

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Zebra Printers

As noted, Zebra printers are thermal label printers, and we have both direct thermal and thermal transfer models available. What’s the difference?

With a thermal transfer Zebra printer, you must use a ribbon to print labels. The ribbon contains a wax- or resin-based ink which is released and transferred onto the labels when heated with the thermal printhead. Thermal transfer labels are great for a wide range of applications including barcode labels, nutrition labels, informational labels, healthcare labels, prescription labels, laboratory labels, and more. In addition, since thermal transfer ribbons come in different formulations, you can choose a general purpose ribbon for most office use cases or a more durable thermal transfer ribbon for applications requiring better durability and resistance to the elements.

With a direct thermal Zebra printer, there’s no need for a ribbon, but you must use direct thermal labels. The labels are heat sensitive and contain embedded ink which appears after contact with the heated printhead. Labels printed with a direct thermal Zebra printer are great for general purpose labeling applications where durability is not required. For example, direct thermal labels can fade over time, so they’re best used for applications where longevity isn’t important such as shipping and address labels.

Choosing a Zebra Printer

With many Zebra printers available, how do you know which one is right for you? Start by determining whether you want a thermal transfer or direct thermal Zebra printer. Some models perform as both. From there, consider the print speed and print resolution that you’d like. In addition, if you are in the healthcare industry, you may want a Zebra printer that complies with healthcare standards. If so, choose a healthcare-specific Zebra printer with a medical grade power supply and wipeable plastic.

We have a large selection of thermal printers available, including Zebra printers. If you need any help selecting a Zebra printer for your business, please reach out to us. One of our thermal label printing specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Zebra printers.

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