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Primera printers are manufactured by Primera Technology and among the most popular color label printers sold in the United States. Several models of Primera printers are available including the Primera LX500 / LX500c, Primera LX910, LX2000 and Primera LX3000.

Small and mid-sized businesses, which would normally rely on print shops, love Primera printers for many reasons including:

  • Price point — Primera printers are affordable color label printers, allowing even the smallest of businesses to print their own product labels in-house. In many cases, these businesses need small quantities of professionally printed labels, which can become expensive when ordering from a print shop due to minimum order quantities and setup and die charges.
  • Print quality — With print resolutions of up to 4,800 dpi, Primera printers produce photo quality professional labels. Business owners can be proud to affix their own printed labels to their products.
  • Versatility — In addition to being able to print small quantities of labels on demand, Primera printers can be used for a wide range of applications including product labels, information labels, name badges, visitors passes, office labels, industrial labels, and more. Many businesses use Primera printers to print seasonal labels, personalized labels, and limited edition labels for their products because it’s so easy. Simply edit the label design file with your customizations and click the print button.

Optimedia Labs sells Primera printers, Primera labels and supplies, and accessories for Primera printers. We recommend the following Primera printer models:

  • Primera LX500 and Primera LX500c — These two printers are identical with the exception of the inclusion of a built-in cutter on the Primera LX500c. The LX500 is a 4-inch color label printer that uses dye-based inks to produce vibrant “prime” labels. With its 4-inch maximum label width, the Primera LX500 is ideal for printing smaller size labels and tags such as wine bottle labels, beverage labels, candle labels, handmade soap labels, candy labels, name tags, event badges, and visitors passes. The Primera LX500 uses one tricolor ink cartridge, so it’s easy to manage ink. We recommend keeping an extra Primera ink cartridge on hand to minimize service disruptions.
  • Primera LX600 – The Primera LX500 is just a bit larger then the LX500 and allows you to print labels up to 5” wide and uses the standard labels on 3” core, like the LX910 and LX3000. We recommend the LX500c as a better buy.
  • Primera LX910 — The Primera LX910 is a fast, high resolution (4,800 dpi) 8-inch color label printer that can use either dye-based or pigment-based inks that come in high yield tricolor ink cartridges. Thus, it is even more versatile than the other Primera printers we recommend. Depending on your application, you can simply insert the appropriate ink cartridge. For example, when printing product labels, you’d choose the dye-based ink cartridge. On the other hand, if you need to print durable GHS BS5609 chemical labels, you’d choose the pigment-based ink cartridge and use GHS BS5609-certified label stock for the Primera LX910.
  • Primera LX2000 — The Primera LX2000 is a high speed, high resolution 8-inch industrial color label printer. It uses pigment-based inks and is ideal for printing industrial labels and GHS BS5609 labels. With its 8-inch print width and ability to print GHS BS5609 labels, the Primera LX2000 is a great choice for printing larger industrial labels and chemical drum labels.
  • Primera LX3000 – The Primera LX3000 is the same printer as the Primera LX910 but has the Big ink tanks for Cyan, Magenta and Yellow inks. So you can run large print jobs and reduce your inks cost. Comes in a Dye or Pigment ink versions.

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