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BarTender: Leading GHS Label Software


BarTender is labeling software that’s meeting and exceeding the challenges of the chemical industry on a global scale. Distributors, importers and chemical manufacturers are in the midst of technology that transforms without notice. And this happens alongside a set of always growing regulations and rules for the labeling and tracking of sensitive and often hazardous materials.


Companies around the world are sorting through policies like REACh, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, GHS and CHMP to see how each impacts their unique procedures. Only this results in conflict and compliance confusion, since a facility is expected to comply with all policies in all the different countries. Any entity found violating any policy regardless of jurisdiction could fall victim to severe penalties.


BarTender takes into account that when it comes to these polices the geographical lines are becoming harder and harder to distinguish. They know the industries that want to stay inside those lines need a consistent and secure business solution that works across all the borders. BarTender wants to ensure that wherever possible, the industry maintains its focus on EHS&S in all their supply chains.


The Ultimate Solution

BarTender has long proven itself to be a premier and trusted labeling solution. The software has the capacity to adapt readily, meeting changing business demands and regulation alterations. It lets its users design, print and automate their productions for chemical labeling. There is control and security of business data through a vast array of printers. Best of all, this is regardless of whether there is a single printer at your plant or thousands throughout the world.


Use BarTender for one label template support of multiple printers in your global network. The licensing is printer based, offering adaptable levels of access via the enterprise network. The security setting is capable of locking any aspect of the template. You can also customize settings for modification by container, product, geography, operator or business unit.


All versions of BarTender come with a GHS label template that’s automated. It has business rules built in to help with compliance. BarTender is an exemplary tool for building automatic populated labels. The product information will be pulled from your ERP system, internal or third party database, tying labeling directly to its SDS to aid in meeting EHS&S standards.


With its ease of deployment and exemplary tech support, BarTender is a leading, world renowned labeling solution for the chemical industry.


Globally Harmonized Systems

In 2002, the United Nations introduced GHS (the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals). The goal was to present a unified language that identified chemicals, their hazards and any safety handling methods, improving working conditions and simplifying commerce globally.


There are three main chemical categories that GHS regulates. They are pure chemical mixtures, substances and pesticides. GHS quantifies the elements of these chemicals for product and transport labels, and safety data sheets (SDS). Every country then decides which of the elements and categories it will adopt, setting a schedule for implementation.


GHS Label Decoding

GHS was created to give the chemical and related industries a consistent and clear means of communication through chemical labeling and documentation. Unfortunately, with the deadlines for implementation constantly impending, these companies find the many requirements anything but consistent and clear.


Fortunately, BarTender can help with mandated label elements.
Product Name
Product Identifiers, both IUPAC and CAS numbers.
Signal Words, such as WARNING and DANGER
Hazard and Precautionary Statements
Supplier Identification
Pictograms for handling precautions
Supplemental Data
Label Size Requirements


GHS Label Printing

Monochromatic label printing was standard at warehousing and chemical manufacturing facilities. More countries are leaning toward GHS pictograms with a red border. There are also preprinted media that utilizes red diamonds. Only this option relies on the operators choosing media with the right numbers and arrangement of red diamonds.


Tools like BarTender have been engineered to help chemical companies meet ever changing GHS standards. As the print architecture in BarTender is built on Microsoft driver requirements, it is an adaptable element of any GHS solution, regardless of your selected printer. It will be beneficial to navigating the tricky slope of labeling as an error could result in fines for non-compliance.


BarTender can be used with color label printers like Epson TM-C3400, TM-C3500, GP-C831 and VIPColor VP485 to print full color GHS Chemical labels in house on demand as requried. All these printers are capable of printing BS5609 certified GHS labels for chemical drums.


International Maritime

Any product requiring an International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification also needs a label for BS5609 specifications for adhesion and colorfastness in salt water. BS5609 compliance relies heavily on the media used for printing labels. Unfortunately, not all printing systems will produce a label that passes the required testing.


BarTender is familiar with all the international guidelines and safe transportation requirements associated with IMDG. It can help any chemical facilitator with this, maintaining and updating code responsibly, ensuring security, safety and compliance at all times in regards to producing appropriate labeling. sells the following color label printers that can be used with BarTender to print BS5609 certified chemical drum labels:  Epson GP-C831, VIPColor VP495 (print up to 8.5" wide labels) or Epson TM-C3400 and TM-C3500 label pritners which print up to 4" wide labels.


BarTender & GHS

BarTender was designed to comply with GHS labeling mandants. Among its many features, BarTender has:
A sample template label with GHS business rules and entities built in.
A variety of chemical transport icons for use in placards and numerous other applications.
Support for almost two dozen languages, including the half dozen official UN languages.
Simultaneous generation of a label with its SDS from the product master data in an enterprise system, providing consistency and compliance as products leave the facility.



BarTender has become the software solution for confident chemical industry label printing. We can show you how BarTender will streamline all your production processes, ensuring your company hits all the right compliance and regulation notes. You can contact one of our representatives today and let them give you more information about GHS compliant printing and the BarTender solution.