Coffee and Tea Labels

Coffee Labels

Branding is often an inexact science. For example, a study conducted by Carnation, the popular brand of food products, in the 1990s found that the labeling of its Coffee-mate products best appealed to individuals who at the time earned less than $10,000 and did not have a high school education.

And while many companies invest millions of dollars in market research in order to craft the perfect labels for their products, sometimes the best approach is for companies to simply gain the tools to conduct short-run tests of their own. Purchasing a Primera LX-Series label printer, for instance, is one way specialty coffee makers, tea producers and related food companies can create test labels to best reach out to new audiences.

Creating short-run labels with less time and effort
With the help of a Primera LX400 or LX900 color label printer, businesses can produce high-resolution labels in house, reducing the time it used to take to send and receive the finished product from a third-party. This allows coffee and tea companies to meet the packaging needs of clients, whether their product is bound for a festival, wedding, corporate event, holiday gather or market research event.

Creating eye-catching labels
When it comes to coffee and tea, many consumers have a distinct brand preference. However, while a company may have a superior product, it isn't likely to catch the eye of a dedicated consumer committed to another brand without the perfect presentation.

With Primera LX400 or LX900 label printers, however, companies can use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to allow their teams to test and create new one-of-a-kind new designs - and even print out the results on scratch-proof and water-resistant labels for testing - with ease.

Optimedia Labs, the top choice for Primera LX400, LX810 and LX900 label printers
While companies can order Primera LX-Series printers from a number of online outlets, at Optimedia Labs, our customer service and dedication are unmatched. This makes us a valuable custom label and supply provider for coffee and tea companies that are looking to reach new consumers and markets.


 Coffee and Tea Labels

Print Your Own Coffee and Tea Labels with the Primera LX900 Color Label Printer.