Primera Labels

Primera Labels

Optimedia Labs sells labels engineered for the label printing technology used in popular label printers such as the LX400, LX500, LX810, LX900, LX910, LX1000, LX2000, and LX3000 digital color label printers from Primera Technology. Labels for these Primera label printers are available in many different materials ranging from paper to synthetics.

Labels for the Primera LX500 and LX400

Labels for both the LX500 or LX400 are identical as these two printers use the same printing technology and ink type as well as have the same size requirements. Thus, you can purchase either LX400 or LX500 labels and they will work with your LX400 or LX500 printer from Primera Technology. Labels are available for both of these printers in continuous and die cut configurations in a variety of widths, shapes, and sizes. Choose from glossy polyester, glossy polypropylene, high gloss paper, high gloss tag, matte paper, matte polypropylene, or matte tag labels.

Labels for the Primera LX910, LX900, LX810, LX2000 and LX3000

Labels for the Primera LX910, LX900, LX810, and LX2000 are all interchangeable. If you have one of these popular color label printers from Primera Technology, labels can be selected by shopping for any of the models. We have a large selection of continuous and die-cut labels including chemical labels for Primera, labels made from paper and synthetic materials, labels with permanent or removable adhesive, and more.

Labels for CX1000 and CX1200 Label Presses from Primera

Labels for the Primera CX1000 and CX1200 are also interchangeable as these two digital label presses use the same laser printing technology and color toners. We have a large selection of labels for these Primera label presses including paper-based labels and tags, clear and white polyester labels, GHS BS5609 chemical labels, and vinyl labels. All of the labels for these labels are engineered for the color laser printing technology and toners used by Primera.

Labels are available on large, 12-inch continuous label rolls. Large rolls of pre-die-cut labels are also available.

Primera Label Compatibility

All of the labels listed below are engineered for the specific listed Primera printers and are 100 percent compatible with them. If you click on the Primera LX500 labels, for example, you can rest assured that the labels listed for the LX500 will work beautifully with them because they have been formulated for the technologies and inks used by Primera. Labels listed for the other printers are also compatible with those listed printers.

Custom Labels for Primera Label Printers

Can’t find the exact type of Primera labels you need? We can make custom labels for your specific Primera label printer in any size or shape you may need upon request. For example, you might want a star-shaped or triangular label or an unusual size. Simply tell us your printer model and the label specifications you need and we will make them for you.

Browse our selection below to get started on your Primera label search.