Primera LX900 Color Label Printer 74411 [Factory Remanufactured]


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A Brand New, State of the Art Label Printer

Label printers are interesting inventions, ones that have changed quite a bit over the years. In fact, because label printers have undergone so many changes, changes that have made them more and more technologically advanced over the years, it's important that you are using the latest models available. If you're not, then you're utilizing outdated technology, and outdated technology just can't work as well as the newer technology. If you're looking for the very newest and most technologically advanced label printer on the market (and you should be!), then consider the Primera LX900; rest assured, however, that even though this unit is very high-tech, it's also very user-friendly! 

Lightning Fast Label Printing

One of the great features of the Primera LX900 label printer is that it has the ability to print your labels at lightning speed. Sometimes, when label printers print very quickly, the quality of the printing is sacrificed, but that's just not the case with this particular model. The Primera LX900 delivers labels that come out quickly and still look great. Quality and speed are probably the two most important features you could look for in a label printer, and this one has them both!

Low Operating Costs

Some label printers are major energy hogs, and when a label printer uses a lot of energy, that can drastically increase your energy costs, not to mention the negative effect energy hogging units have on the environment! The Primera LX900 is designed to be energy efficient, however, so you never have to worry about these problems. Plus, the supplies and accessories that were created to be utilized with the printer are affordable as well, allowing you to save money in the long run. 

Bright, Bold Colors

It also has to be said that the Primera LX900 really delivers when it comes to color! It is one of the best label printers available if you want to create colorful, eye-catching documents and packaging. The right color choices can create items that get noticed, and the LX900 is guaranteed to provide you with rich, gorgeous colors that will never run or bleed. Plus, as an added bonus, the printer utilizes individual ink cartridges, allowing you to change the cartridges out on a strictly as-needed basis. 

Labels that Go the Extra Mile

While many other label printers only allow you to print out thin label strips, the LX900 can print labels of all different sizes, designs, and shapes. And you are never limited to having just words on your labels. No, the LX900 allows you to print labels that feature even the most complex and intricately designed photographs, logos, and more. And you can guarantee that each and every image or illustration will be displayed clearly and beautifully on your label.

The Obvious Choice

It's easy to see that the LX900 goes above and beyond most other label printers currently on the market. If you're tired of settling for "just okay," and instead, want something fabulous, then the Primera LX900 is truly the color label printer for you.