BarTender Starter Software

BarTender Starter Barcode Software

BarTender software, manufactured by Seagull Scientific, provides the solutions that businesses need for labels, barcodes, RFID tags, and a host of other on-demand printing applications.

BarTender 10 can be run as a stand-alone or can be integrated into many systems. It is compatible with the following Windows systems:

Windows Server 2003 (SP1 and higher)
Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012
Windows XP (SP3 and higher)
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8

This powerful software was designed in 1985 and today has hundreds of thousands of satisfied users; it is consistently rated as the top label, RFID, card printing and barcode software, and just earned the 2013 Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

New Features in BarTender 10

BarTender 10 has new features that add support for conditional printing, layers, advanced serialization, circular barcodes, global counters, formatting, and much more.


By popular request, BarTender 10 features new intricate template designs; it is now very easy to organize and use the most complex templates. The new design also incorporates an advanced security feature that allows you to restrict users. You can also switch out sections of your template design according to the value of a particular database field or a titled data source.

Special Ribbon Panels

For card printers that support special security features, Layers can now print objects that are visible only under UV light or hologram overlays directly to the special ribbon panels on your printer.

Additional Barcode Features
Circular barcodes can now be printed on CD and DVD labels; a feature that is perfect for rentals and for inventory management.

BarTender 10 now supports the newer barcode standards, including DotCode, iQR
Code, Grid Matrix, and Han Xin. The updated software also accommodates
the newest Version of the GS1 general specification and expands support for older and legacy bar codes.

Binary and Picture Data

Arbitrary binary data, including picture data, can now be encoded into RFID tags, smart cards, and barcodes, which can include photos, audio clips, and signatures.

Global Counter

New global data fields allow you to store a global counter in the database, and you can share it with other BarTender documents. Additionally, the Enterprise Automation edition allows sharing of counters on multiple computers on your network.

Serialization and Reset Options

The new reset options allow you to reset the value for each record on the database, a change in the date, or any database field change. This new feature also tracks any remaining intervals between print jobs, and all serialization that uses lowercase letters.

Additionally, the serialization values are now data-sourced, which means you can add values on a data entry form.

Printing Improvements

The new template design means you can not only create headers, footers, and watermarks, but invoices, pallet labels, and packing slips that contain data about the print job, such as the name of the job and the print job start time.

Data Entry

Enter data into the Number Input Box with the arrow keys or a drop down calculator. Date and Time Pickers can be entered manually or by using a drop-down calendar. The month calendar is displayed and a date can be selected from it and placed directly onto a data entry form.


With one click, you can use Format Painter to copy borders, color, fonts, and other formatting to the clipboard. With just one more click, all your changes are applied to any object on your template.

Improved visual feedback shows you which object you have selected to move or modify, and it is much easier to select small objects with the increased size of the selection area.

Usability is further enhanced with the ability to center objects within any rectangular region, unlike the previous versions, which detected rectangular regions that were bounded by horizontal and vertical lines. Objects can also be aligned to one another by moving one of the objects. The program then displays the necessary guide lines and the object is automatically placed.

New Menu Options

There are new menu options in the View menu for data source names, database field names, and barcode quiet zones. These options provide greater versatility in managing your data base.

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