Name Tag Label Printers

When holding a formal event, a workshop or a presentation, it is vital to do whatever it takes to ensure an adequate people flow. Optimedia Labs offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use and portable name tag printers which are designed to deal with texts as well as images without compromising on quality. At our store, you will not find run-off-the-mill devices printing name badges at a snail’s pace. We place a premium on convenience, high DPI resolution, and long-term durability. Our devices can be easily adjusted to your needs since they have got a myriad of various configurations. That is why a leading-edge name tag printer is a key to avoid queues at the check-ins.

Diversity of Functions and Major Features

  • Unlike bulky office printers, which take too much space, the OptimediaLabs devices can be pocket-sized. This allows for providing your attendees and employees with the on-site name badges.
  • A portable color name tag printer can produce labels not only in black and white. If you need to display a bright logo of your company on a name badge, our full-color tools will recreate the realistic and eye-pleasing look.
  • Enhanced printing capabilities and drop-in loading. While functioning at high speed, a printer can cope with enormous volumes of labels and badges. With the help of our devices, you can also print labels of various styles and sizes. Besides, the process of changing rolls is simplified.
  • The operation of our name tag printers is based on the thermal technology. It is an ideal way out to create professional-looking labels and save money. Thermal printing means that you should not insert ink cartridges. These devices keep functioning without inks, ribbons, and tonners.
  • Optimedia Labs offers wireless name tag printers to eliminate any difficulties with twisted cables. Thus, every device includes necessary software, drivers, adapters, and other accessories to ensure wireless connectivity for major operating systems.

Extensive Set of Name Tag Printers

Depending on the primary purposes and particular types of adhesive labels or tags you need, our customers can come across the perfect option at our store. If your priority is flexibility and speed, you won’t find a better solution than Epson TM-C3400 Color Name Tag Printer. Due to its high-quality graphics and automatic cutter, you have an opportunity to get a smear-free tag of the highest quality and adjust its size.

If you need a device which you can easily bring to any event or ceremony, you should opt for name tag printers of portable and sleek design. They are extremely lightweight and can be used to print badges, postage, shipping and inventory tags in an instant. Make your choice right now and get same-day delivery!

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