Candy Labels


When it comes to candy, chocolate and the wide world of sweets, many consumers favor any item shrouded in a unique and eye-catching package. As a result, a top concern for many candy companies is ensuring that their products are more visually appealing than the rest.


However, in addition to competing with the colorful competition, candy manufacturers and small confectioners need to observe many of the same laws and regulations that govern businesses that need to create specialty food labels. And while this was once difficult to accomplish in-house, today's candy manufacturers and private labelers can turn to Primera LX-Series printers sold by Optimedia Labs to ensure that their clients can get eye-catching custom creations for their short-run items, corporate events, gift baskets, weddings and more.


Obtaining the highest quality custom labels

Since chocolaty and sugary sweets can create quite the mess, it's important for food companies that specialize in candies to ensure that their labels can stand up to whatever kids can throw their way. With scratch-resistant and waterproof labels, business owners can do just that, as Primera LX-Series label printers can create labels that are not only artistically impressive, but also durable.


The benefits of Primera LX900 color label printer
Equipped with the ability to work in concert with Windows, Macintosh and Primera Edition of NiceLabel label design software, Primera LX900 label printer from Primera Technology can allow business owners and their development teams to create candy labels with only their imagination as the limit. With programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, candy companies can continue to put new twists on classic designs and create specialty labels in order to test new branding ideas.


The sweetness of a lasting partnership with Optimedia Labs

Based in Ontario, Canada, Optimedia Labs is one of the leading online retailers that offers the high-quality color printers, duplicators and accessories produced by Primera Technology. And with the versatility of Primera LX-Series label printers, business owners can gain the resources they need to compete in the fast-changing world of sweets with ease.

candy-truffles-de-leche label

candy-sour-apple label made with LX900