Primera LX500-LX400 Labels


Shop For Various LX400 & LX500 Printer Labels

If you own a Primera LX400, LX500, or LX500c color label printer and are looking for the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your label supply needs, you have come to the right place! proudly offers an enormous selection of Primera LX500 labels like 1.5-inch square high gloss labels. We have many sizes, shapes, and styles to support all of your label printing needs. Shop with confidence at, knowing that you are purchasing a high quality product at tough-to-beat prices.

The Primera LX400 and both LX500 models all use the same label types. Thus, all of our LX400 labels are also Primera LX500 labels. These labels have been manufactured specifically for the inks and printing technologies used by Primera LX400 and LX500 printers. They are available in all of the sizes these printers support, too. Choose from pre-diecut and continuous label rolls in a variety of label materials and finishes including matte and high gloss paper and polypropylene, clear labels, and tag versions that come without an adhesive. Be sure to peruse our full inventory of Primera LX500 labels and Primera LX400 labels as well as the various supplies and accessories we have for these popular compact color label printers.

Paper Primera LX500 Labels

Primera LX500 and Primera LX400 paper-based labels are available with a white face stock and either a high gloss or matte topcoat. These paper Primera LX500 labels provide good water resistance and are excellent general purpose labels suitable for most applications.

Polypropylene Primera LX500 Labels

Primera LX500 and Primera LX400 polypropylene (BOPP) labels are available in a matte or high gloss topcoat. These smooth white labels are made from a synthetic material and are great for labeling items likely to come into contact with liquids or oils such as cosmetics, toiletries, cooking oils, and essential oils.

Polyester Primera LX500 Labels

Primera LX500 and Primera LX400 polyester labels are available in white, clear, gold, and silver. These polyester labels are made from synthetic label materials and are the most durable labels available for Primera LX400 and LX500 label printers. They also offer the best water resistance of all of the Primera LX500 label types listed here. If you will be labeling items likely to encounter water or condensation, such as beer bottles, you can’t go wrong by choosing polyester Primera LX500 labels.

Primera LX500 and LX400 Name Tags

Print your own name tags, ID badges, tickets, and other types of tags with Primera LX500 tag stock. Primera LX500 tags are the same as Primera LX500 labels but without an adhesive on the back.

As you can see, we have a large selection of Primera LX500 labels and tags. Download our part list PDF and order online from today!