Godex RT200 Ribbons

Discover Our Godex RT200 Ribbon Selection

Explore our premium selection of 2.2-inch thermal transfer ribbons tailored for Godex thermal transfer barcode label printers. Specifically crafted for the popular RT200, RT200i, and RT230i 2-inch desktop models, our ribbons are trusted by oil change mechanics shops for their reliability and precision.

Godex RT200 Ribbons

Our Godex RT200 Ribbons are engineered to deliver exceptional performance with the RT200 series printers. Choose from standard wax, wax/resin, or resin ribbons to meet your labeling requirements. Experience sharp, durable prints perfect for oil change labels and more.

Godex Desktop TDW121 Premium Wax Ribbon

For everyday labeling, our Godex Desktop TDW121 Premium Wax Ribbon offers reliable print quality and abrasion resistance. Ideal for general-purpose labeling tasks.

Godex Desktop TDM238 Wax/Resin Ribbon

Need labels that withstand tough conditions? Our Godex Desktop TMD238 Wax/Resin Ribbon provides enhanced resistance to chemicals and smudging, ensuring your labels remain legible and professional.

Godex Desktop TDR325 Resin Ribbon

For the utmost durability, choose our Godex Desktop TDR325 Resin Ribbon. Engineered to endure extreme environments, this ribbon offers superior resistance to abrasion, heat, and chemicals, making it the perfect choice for oil change labels printed with Godex 2-inch desktop barcode label printers.

Top Selling Godex RT200 Ribbons

SKU Ribbon Size ( W x L) Rolls/Case Price/Roll
LJ00035 Wax (TDW121) 2.25" x 243 ft (57mm x 74m) 12 $ 1.17 (Sale)
39161 Wax (TDW121) 2.20" x 243 ft (56mmx74m) 12 $ 1.60
39191 Wax/Resin 2.20" x 243 ft (56mmx74m) 12 $ 2.20
39231 Resin 2.20" x 243 ft (56mmx74m) 12 $ 3.10