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Intermec Ribbons | Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Optimedia Labs has a large selection of Intermec ribbons for Intermec EasyCoder E4 (301), Intermec Datacard, Intermec 3240, Intermec 3400, Intermec 3400/8646, Intermec 3440, Intermec 3600, Intermec 4000/4100, Intermec 4400, Intermec 4420/4440, Intermec PF8, Intermec PM4I, and Intermec T2 Series thermal transfer printers.

Intermec ribbons are available on 1-inch cores in widths between 2 and 6 inches. We have black and silver Intermec ribbons. Thermal transfer ribbons are coated in ink, which is released and transferred when contact is made with the printer’s thermal print head. The ink type (wax, wax-resin, or resin) affects the label’s properties and durability with wax being the most basic and most affordable and resin being the most durable. Wax-resin and resin enhanced wax ribbons fall in between. If you’re not sure which type of Intermec ribbon is best for your application, we are happy to help.

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