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Primera LX2000 Labels

Primera LX2000 Labels | GHS BS5609 Labels

If you've invested in the Primera LX2000, you'll want to select blank Primera LX2000 labels designed to take advantage of Primera's inkjet technology. Optimedia Labs has a large inventory of Primera LX2000 labels offered in several substrates and finishes. Choose from paper (high gloss or matte), polypropylene (matte), or GHS BS5609-compliant Primera LX2000 labels. Our Primera LX2000 labels are engineered specifically for use with the Primera LX2000. In the case of the GHS chemical labels, they are certified for printing BS5609-compliant labels with the Primera LX2000.

All the Primera LX900 labels are 100% compatible with the LX2000 label printer. 

For LX2000 matte paper labels refer to LX900 matte paper labels

For LX2000 high gloss paper labels refer to LX900 high gloss paper labels

For LX2000 matte polypropylene labels refer to LX900 matte polypropylene labels

For LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels refer to LX900 glossy polypropylene labels

For LX2000 clear polyester labels refer to LX900 clear polyester labels

For LX2000 white polyester labels refer to LX900 white polyester labels


To produce fully waterproof labels that are GHS BS5609 compliant with your LX2000  you must use the LX2000 Chemical labels listed below.