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GHS Drum Labels

GHS Drum Labels

Print your own GHS drum labels with a color label printer from optimedialabs.comThere are a number of regulations required by GHS, which is the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. Anytime that you have a drum with chemicals inside, it is important to have the necessary labels that cover MSDS as well as other hazard communication to keep your employees and your site safe.

Print Your Own Drum Labels

With GHS drum labels and the right printer; you can print all of your own drum labels to stay compliant with laws and regulations. There is no need to pay a third party to do the printing when you can do all on your own. This allows you to add additional information to the label so that you can lookout for your employees – and be compliant within hours instead of waiting days or weeks for a third party label printers to send you what you need.

Save Time & Money

It can be a time consuming process to buy drum labels from a third party. It may be difficult to find a company that provides you with the MSDS information for specific chemicals. Additionally, you may have to wait for coating and lamination, which also costs more money. Saving time and money should always be a focus within your operations and a GHS Drum label printer on premises can ensure you can achieve both of these goals. All you need to do is access the technology that is currently available in today’s market.

Access Technology from Epson and VIPColor

There are some great new GHS label printers that make it easy for you to print the GHS drum labels easily.

The Epson ColorWorks C3500 is great for low-volume applications and meets the BS5609 certification for GHS labels. You can adjust the printing for a label up to 4” wide. The Epson GP-C831 can print labels up to 8.5" wide and uses die cut fan-folded labels in a carton. It has a tractor feeder and is considered to have industrial strength. There is also the VIPColor VP495, which can print labels up to 8" wide and uses die cut labels on rolls. This printer can also print roll to roll and avoid such things as coating and lamination.

Choose the Printer That Works Best for You

There are all sorts of printers available below and one is going to work for you to print out GHS drum labels for your business in an effective and time-saving manner. There’s no reason to spend the money with a third party when you can buy a printer and take care of everything on your own. These printers from Optimedia Labs make it simple for you to print high-quality labels that ensure your compliance. 

Get the Needed Help

Even if you need help choosing a GHS drum label printer, you can call and talk to an Optimedia Labels label specialist. By asking a few questions about your needs and your operations, a specialist will be able to make recommendations for you. You can then purchase a printer and get started on all of your printing needs. 

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