Food and Beverage Labels

Food and Beverage Labels: Benefits of Printing In-House

Print your own food and beverage labels with a color label printer from Optimedialabs.comAs a food or beverage company, you know the importance of a label that pulls the customer in and encourages them to buy your product. The attractive outer packaging of your food or beverage is essential for sales. Instead of leaving the production of your labels to a local label printer, print your own labels and have complete control over the quality of the end product. 

Benefits of Printing Labels In-House
Along with the ability to control the quality of the label as it's being produced, printing in-house allows the business owner to make small changes to the label without having to wait. Normally, the labels would be printed out by the hundreds or thousands. Problems won't be spotted until the entire batch is complete, and the finished product is in hand. Any changes require another wait while new labels are printed. 

New Product Labels
When you're testing a new product, you can print your own product labels quickly and easily. Instead of printing hundreds, you can print exactly how many labels are needed for testing. A color label printer makes it simple to tweak the product's label design to find the perfect fit. 

Seasonal Labels
Without a color label printer, food and beverage companies must plan their seasonal campaigns months in advance for a very short run of printing. With a color label printer, it can be done swiftly without all the added time for production. You can print exactly the amount required so there aren't extra labels left. 

The Best Color Label Printers
The choice of color label printer depends on the needs of the company, how many labels need to be printed per month and the computer connection required. 

VIPcolor VP485 Color Label Printer
The VIPColor VP485 color label printer can produce thousands of labels because it has a large ink cartridge. The external label unwinder allows the user to utilize a large rolls of labels, which means it can produce larger print jobs. Depending on the company's requirements, the VP485 can print thousands of labels before needing a replacement cartridge. Its Ethernet port means anyone in the office can use the label printer through the network. 

Primera LX900 Color Label Printer
The Primera LX900 color label printer is a smaller desktop printer capable of printing thousands of labels. It connects directly to a desktop computer through a USB port, which makes it incredibly convenient for small runs of labels for testing or seasonal batches, but it has the ability to print larger batches too. 

Afinia L801 Memjet Color Label Printer
The Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer is able to produce more labels than many other printer. It's perfect for companies that plan to print more than 5,000 labels each month because it can handle in the tens of thousands in labels each month. The Afinia L801 prints faster and has the lowest production cost, when compared to any other label printer. 

Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press
Laser printers are the best option for printing thousands of labels that have stunning quality, durability and clarity. They provide labels that are clear with rich colors. The Afinia R635 is for those business that just want the best.

Optimedia Labs Your Food and Beverage Label Printing Parnter
Optimedia Labs can help you find the best label printing solution for your business. We consider ourselves your partner, assisting and advising you on the best solution for your business. Whether you want to print thousands of labels each month, design new trends in labels or print seasonal labels quickly and efficiently, Optimedia Labs can recommend the best way to save money.  Contact our offices and talk to one of our knowledgeable label consultants. They will help you assess your needs.