Labels for Water Bottles

Water Bottle Labels

Many bottled water companies could benefit by improving the labeling they use for their products. For example, 2011 research by the Environmental Working Group found that it is common for bottled water providers to fail to divulge certain information on their labels, such as its geographic source, purity and the purification methods used to improve the quality of the product.

In addition, when it comes to bottled water, many consumers make their purchasing decisions by choosing between high-quality labels and bottling designs rather than the product inside. As a result, bottled water companies could benefit from increasing the quality of the labels by improving their ability to create quick, professional labels that can be reviewed and augmented with ease.

Crafting bottled water labels for specialty events
Since many Americans are increasingly concerned about their health and hydration, bottled water companies are often asked to create specialty products for schools, parties, corporate events and private gatherings such as weddings, baby showers and anniversaries.

But, while this process used to take time, bottled water companies can now rely on a Primera LX900 color label printer to increase the quality of these items.

Improving quality with printing on demand
With the ability to access Primera LX900 label printers in their office, bottled water companies can create multiple sample labels, testing out different designs, patterns and logos before sending a product to a client or to a test market. This allows advertising and marketing professionals to do what they do best, analyze the quality of the results and refine labels with research and testing.

The benefits of working with Optimedia Labs
By working with a top provider of Primera LX900 color label printers and printing supplies, such as Optimedia Labs, companies that choose to purchase this valuable business asset for their office can gain the ability to print a wide variety of labels. For instance, Optimedia Labs offers high-gloss labels, clear polyester labels, white polyester labels, glossy white polypropylene labels, matte white polypropylene labels or silver and gold polyester labels to best fit our clients' current product needs with ease, no matter how simple or complex.

Water Bottle Labels 


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