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Toshiba / TEC Ribbons

Toshiba TEC Ribbons | Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Optimedia Labs sells Toshiba TEC ribbons for popular Toshiba TEC thermal transfer label printers such as Toshiba TEC B-452, Toshiba Tec B-472 / B-572 / SX4-EX4T1, Toshiba TEC B-572 / TEC SX5, Toshiba TEC B-872, Toshiba TEC B-EX4T1, Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2, Toshiba TEC B-SA4, and Toshiba TEC-852.

These thermal transfer printers typically require a ribbon on a 1-inch core with widths varying from 2 to just over 8 inches. We have Toshiba TEC ribbons in a variety of widths, colors, and wax and wax-resin formulations. The label printing application largely determines the type of ribbon you should get with wax being the cheapest and resin being the most durable. Wax-resin formulations tend to fall in the middle, offering crisper blacks and greater durability than their wax counterparts. Resin ribbons are the most durable of all and are commonly used for applications that come into contact with water, UV light, oils, or chemicals.

Find the right Toshiba TEC ribbons for your needs by selecting your printer model from the list below or using the filter to shop by size, color, or type.