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Primera LX910 / LX900 / LX810 Labels

Primera LX910 Labels For All Your Needs

Optimedia Labs stocks Primera LX900 labels in a variety of materials, finishes, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs. The first step is determining what you need: do you want paper labels or polyester labels? Do you prefer the standard round shape or would rectangular work better for your application? Are you looking for just one label or 10,000? And finally, how big would you like your Primera LX910 labels to be? We can help with all that!

Wide Selection of Primera Labels for LX900 | LX910 | LX810 | LX2000

Optimedia Labs stocks a large selection of Primera LX900 labels in various materials (including paper, polyester, and polypropylene), finishes, shapes, and sizes. Primera LX900 name badges and tag stock are also available as are custom labels (upon request). Note that all of the Primera LX900 labels and tag stock listed below are engineered specifically for Primera Technology's LX900 and are completely compatible with the newer Primera LX2000 label printer as well as with the older Primera LX800 and LX810.

Supported Color Label Printers:

The labels in this category are 100 percent compatible with the following Primera inkjet printers:

  • Primera LX900 | Primera LX910 | (Dye or Pigment inkjet printers)
  • Primera LX800 | Primera LX810 (Dye inkjet printers)
  • Primera LX2000 | Primera LX1000 (Pigment inkjet printers)

Paper versus Synthetic Labels

Labels for Primera LX900, LX910, LX800, L810, and LX2000 printers come on a variety of materials including paper, polyester, and polypropylene so you can find an option to suit your needs. Clear labels provide attractive printing results at competitive prices while durable synthetics offer excellent outdoor durability without sacrificing print quality.

The difference between paper and synthetic labels is the material from which they are made. Paper labels are typically used for general purpose applications such as product labels, shipping labels, and nutritional information labels. Synthetic labels are more durable and better suited to harsh environments. If your labels need to withstand water or outdoor exposure, synthetic labels are the best choice. For the most demanding applications such as chemical exposure, choose GHS BS5609 Chemical labels which are compliant with GHS BS5609 regulations.

GHS BS5609 Chemical labels are only compatible with Pigment Inks. These labels will not work with the Dye ink version of LX910, LX900 inks.

When deciding which material is best for your application, consider cost versus durability. Paper stock is generally less expensive than synthetic materials but is not as durable.

Primera Custom Labels

In many cases, a standard label size won’t not meet your needs. Optimedia Labs offers custom labels for any size, shape, or material requirement.

Primera custom labels can be produced in a variety of materials such as paper, polyester, or polypropylene with different finishes available including matte or gloss. We can also make custom GHS BS5609 labels for your Primera LX910 or LX2000 color label printer.

Don't see the exact label type that you want? We can make it for you! Order custom labels for your Primera LX910, LX900, LX800, LX810, or LX2000 color label printer today.