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SATO Ribbons

SATO Ribbons | Thermal Transfers Ribbons

Optimedia Labs sells thermal ribbons for popular SATO thermal transfer printers such as SATO S84 Series, SATO ½-inch CG4xx, SATO CL-608, SATO CL-612, SATO CL412E, SATO CX200, SATO M10E, SATO M8485S / M8490S / M8460s, and SATO TG3 thermal transfer label and barcode printers.

We have SATO ribbons on 1-inch and ½-inch cores available in varying widths, colors, and ink formulations. Wax SATO ribbons are the most economical choice and are good for printing shipping labels and general purpose applications. Wax-resin SATO ribbons offer greater durability and longevity. Resin SATO ribbons are the most durable formulation for long-lasting labels and barcodes.

Start by selecting your SATO printer model if listed below or use the filters to filter the SATO ribbons by size, width, color, or type. If you need help, our friendly sales professionals will be happy to assist.