Epson GP-C831 Label Printer | Drum Label Printer C11CC68122


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18.3 x 18.3 x 8.8

The Epson ColorWorks C81 label printer has been replaced by the NEW Colorworks C6500A

Epson Colorworks C831 color label printer

Epson printers have developed a reputation for rigorous standards, superior ink quality, and easy maintenance. The Epson ColorWorks C831 label printer (also known as the GP-C831) is no exception. Color label printers take the guess work out of printing perfectly designed labels for industrial, GHS and commercial applications.

Epson Ink quality and delivery

The Epson ColorWorks C831 label printer features a unique inkjet technology that resists smudging, water, and chemical damage. It also retains the ability to reduce fading from ultraviolet light via the sun. The inkjet printer features a patented MicoPiezo technology, which uses an advanced print head that delivers ink precisely when voltage is applied. Heat is not produced and the print head uses Multi Size Dot Technology (MSDT) on a ceramic plate. The Epsom GP-C831 uses four separate pigment-based ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create labels that cost pennies a piece to print.

Maintenance and reliability

There are many certifications behind the Epson C381 workhorse. The Epson GP-C831 will produce BS5609 certified labels when printed on GP-C831 Chemical labels. This means that the printer can handle synthetic material for printing on strict standards of quality. Pressure sensitive labels and self-adhesive drum labels are often included in medical labeling. The Epson GP-C831 printer will produce waterproof labels reliably. It is impervious to even alcohol, oils, and smears. Print speed can deliver up to 16.5 pages per minute without jamming.

Unique control features

The control panel features alerts for paper jams, paper release, and ink quality control. The printer essentially places the user on alert for any troubleshooting events in real-time. The Epson ColorWorks C831 is also available to support a variety of media sizes with an industrial strength tractor feeder. The printer can support high-capacity labels, which may result in more cost-efficient methods for businesses.

Advanced printing on a small footprint

The printer measures only 18.3" wide by 18.3" deep. Despite its small stature, the printer can produce up to seven pages per minute in super fine mode and allow for continuous feed for plain paper, labels, and medicine bags. The Epson GP-C831 label printer can print 3" to 8.5" wide 8-pin tractor feed labels. It combines the benefits of rugged color inkjet technology with the accuracy of the 8-pin traction feeder.

Many different label media available

  • Epson GP-C831 Matte Polypropylene labels, synthetic labels made from polypropylene film. Also called BOPP labels.
  • Epson GP-C831 Chemical labels. These labels are BS5609 certified for use with chemical drum labels. Applications can also be made for outdoor use where harsh environmental effects may damage the label.

    Optimedia Labs can create a custom label size in any of the above substrate based on your product requirements for the Epson ColorWorks C831 color label printer.

Print method:  MicroPiezo inkjet technology; Pigment ink, individual CMYK cartridges
Interfaces:  Hi-Speed USB, Bi-directional parallel & Ethernet
Label dimensions:  Width: 3" to 8.5", Length: 0.5" to 22"
Total print volume:  1.2 million labels
Overall dimensions:  18.3 x 18.3 x 8.8” (W x D x H)
Print Resolution:  720 dpi x 720 dpi


Epson SKU:  C11CC68A9971 (older version was C11CC68122)

Epson Model Name: GP-C831 (Epson ColorWorks C831 color label printer)

Epson Spare in the Air Warranty Upgrade Option

Epson Spare-In-The-Air is a warranty upgrade program for Epson ColorWorks label printers. If Epson phone support cannot solve a problem; Epson will ships a replacement printer for “next-day” delivery. Upon receipt of the replacement printer, the customer returns the defective printer back to Epson in the same carton provided. Epson pays shipping cost both ways.