Epson ColorWorks C831 Unwinder & Rewinder System


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Epson ColorWorks C831 Unwinder & Rewinder System

Epson GP-C831 Re-Winder & Un-Winder System

Introducing the new re-winder and un-winder system for the Epson GP-C831 color Inkjet Label Printer. Utilizing this exciting new device, you can now print labels from stock roll to completed roll, ready to apply with ease to your products.

There are 3 different modes that this machine will help in using. You can print from blank stock roll to completed printed roll, or from blank roll to print and instantly present, or even from fan-folded stock to finished printed roll. 

This device can accommodate media up to 9.5" wide. It also will unwind or rewind labels with an outside diameter up to 9.8". It comes standard with a 3" fixed core holder. 

A baseplate is also included which will pair perfectly with the Epson C831 to insure an aligned media path and will complete the entire printing station with ease. 

This device is a must have for convenience in applying labels, especially when using automated label applicators. These applicators typically require the printed label stock to be rolled onto a core for the quickest and easiest application. The ease of use and convenience this device supplies easily outweighs the cost of applying the labels manually by hand, or any other means.


The Epson GP-C831 color label printer is also known as the ColorWorks C831. This is a tractor feed label printer. Now with the ColorWorks C831 Unwinder and Rewinder system, you can print your large format GHS and product labels in the following modes:

  • Print GHS labels roll to roll
  • Print GHS labels fan-folded to roll
  • Print GHS labels roll to print and present