FX1200 Clear Gloss Lamination Film Roll linerless 1.8 mil Polypropylene 8.25" x 2500'


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8.25" x 2500 ft
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Clear Gloss Lamination Film Roll, linerless 1.8 mil Polypropylene

8.25" wide by 2,500 feet long, on roll with 3" OD


Protect Your Primera Labels with Primera Laminate Film

The Primera CX1200 digital label press is a highly capable machine, as is the Primera FX1200 label finishing system. Get the most out of your Primera investment by using Primera Laminate to add a protective, clear lamination layer to your printed labels. Primera Laminate arrives on a large, 8.25-inch wide and 2500-foot-long roll that installs on your FX1200 label finishing system. Simply run your printed labels through the finishing system as you normally would and add a lamination layer at the same time. It's that easy!

Why Add Primera Laminate to Your Labels?

Made from clear Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film and a clear, water-based acrylic adhesive, Primera Laminate adds a protective film to your labels. This film repels water and offers much greater resistance to moisture, chemicals, oils, UV light, and scratches. Primera Laminate also reinforces your labels, strengthening them. When applied with the Primera FX1200 digital label finishing system, the Primera Laminate goes on smooth, clear, and bubble free. Since the Primera Laminate is applied at the same time as other finishing operations take place, there's no additional production time required.

Primera Laminate Compatibility

Primera Laminate is fully compatible with the Primera FX1200 digital label finishing system. The laminate can be used to laminate labels produced by virtually any digital label press on the market including the Primera CX1200 digital label press as well as any other digital label press you may use with your FX1200 digital label finishing system. Primera Laminate applies beautifully to a variety of label substrates including paper, polypropylene, polyester, and tag stock.

Label Types Suitable for Lamination with Primera Laminate

Adding a lamination layer is smart in any number of labeling scenarios. Below are a few examples of product labels that could benefit from Primera Laminate Film:

•              Water and beverage bottle labels

•              Essential oils labels

•              E-cigarette, "vape" and e-juice labels

•              Food product labels (Primera Laminate is compliant with FDA food labeling regulations 21 CFR 175.105 and 21 CFR 177.1520

•              Personal care product labels

•              Prescription labels

•              Industrial or health care labels that may be exposed to fluids

•              Outdoor labels

•              Shipping labels

Order Primera Laminate Film from Optimedia Labs

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