STA 1218 Clear Overlaminate Film 8.25x2500 Linerless


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8.25" x 2500 feet

Protect Your Digitally Printed Labels with STA 1218 Overlaminate Film

Size: 8.25" x 2500 feet on 3" core, linerless

STA, LLC was founded in 1976 and specializes in high quality, pressure sensitive tapes and self-wound overlamination products. Its laminate film products are available made from materials like polypropylene and PET plastic. STA 1218 Laminate is a clear Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film overlaminate used to place a clear lamination layer on top of digitally printed labels. STA 1218 Laminate protects the underlying label while also reinforcing it.

How to Apply STA 1218 Laminate

In order to apply STA 1218 Overlaminate to your digitally printed labels, you'll need a digital label finishing system such as the DPR Scorpio Plus or the Afinia LF3 Eclipse. The STA 1218 Laminate roll slips onto a lamination core holder and takes just a few moments to set up. Once in place, you can use your digital label finishing system to add a STA 1218 lamination layer to your labels as the labels move through the finishing system. For example, if you use your digital label finishing system to digitally cut labels, remove waste material, or unwind them, you can laminate them at the same time by placing a roll of STA 1218 Laminate film in your finishing system.

Benefits of Adding a STA 1218 Laminate Layer to Your Labels

STA 1218 Laminate is easy to add, providing you have a compatible digital label finishing system, and it greatly improves your labels' durability and strength. The clear laminate film goes on smooth and wrinkle free, adding a glossy finish and protecting your labels. The STA 128 Laminate film improves the labels' resistance to moisture, scratches, chemicals, tears, oil, and UV light.

While many label substrates provide good resistance to these elements, adding a lamination layer is even better. Adding STA 1218 to lesser quality label stock can greatly enhance the label's strength and durability.

STA 1218 Laminate Compatibility

STA 1218 Laminate is compatible with virtually any type of label substrate including paper, polypropylene, and polyester. It is also compatible with the most popular digital label finishing systems on the market including the DPR Scorpio Plus and Afinia DLP-2000 Mini Press. You can use STA 1218 to laminate labels printed on the Afinia L801, Afinia R635, iSys Label APEX 1290, iSys EDGE 850, UniNet iColor 700, and other digital label presses.

About STA 1218 Laminate Film

Measuring 1.8 mils thick, STA 1218 Laminate is made from a 1.00 mil layer of polypropylene and a 0.80 mil water-based acrylic adhesive layer. STA 1218 is an industrial "reinforcement" laminate that adds strength and clarity. STA 1218 comes on rolls without a liner. Since there's no liner, there's less waste to dispose of after laminating your labels. If your labels may come into contact with food, you'll be pleased to know that STA 1218 Laminate complies with FDA CFR 175.105 and 21 CFR 177.1520.

We Carry STA 1218 Laminate Film

Optimedia Labs carries 8.25-inch wide and 2500 feet long rolls of STA 1218 Laminate along with everything else needed to print and finish labels. Whether you need a single roll of STA 1218 Laminate or an entire digital label printing solution including a digital label press and label finishing system, we can help.

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STA 1218 Datasheet