STA 8130 Easy Release Clear Overlaminate Film 8.25x2500 Linerless


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8.25" x 2500 feet

STA 8130 Laminates: Versatile Lamination for Printed Labels

Size: 8.25" x 2500 feet, 3" core, linerless, Easy Release Glossy Clear BOPP

STA, LLC manufactures several classes of overlaminates which are used to laminate printed labels: polypropylene laminates, thermal transfer printable laminates, and silicone release coated laminates. STA 8130 Laminates fall into the silicone release coated laminates category. STA 8130 Laminates are made from polypropylene (BOPP) film and feature both a clear acrylic adhesive layer and a silicone easy release coating. The clear BOPP film protects the underlying label while the adhesive adheres it. The silicone coating provides the easy release features commonly required for labels with extended information flaps, piggyback labels, and removable coupons.

Why Use STA 8130 Laminates on Your Printed Labels?

There are several good reasons to use STA 8130 Laminates. First, if you need to produce easy release labels, you'll need a reliable coated lamination layer and STA 8130 Laminates are among the best available. Another reason to use STA 8130 Laminates is to add a beautiful, crystal clear finish to your labels. And, perhaps most important of all, adding STA 8130 Laminates to your printed labels helps to protect them from water, chemicals, oils, scratches, and UV light. If you want attractive, functional, and durable labels, considering using STA 8130 Laminates to add an easy release lamination layer to the top.

Which Label Finishing Systems are Compatible with STA 8130 Laminates?

STA 8130 Laminates arrive on large, 8.25" wide rolls on standard label cores compatible with most digital label finishing systems on the market such as the Afinia DLP-2000, Primera FX1200, and the DPR Scorpio Plus. STA 8130 Laminates can be applied to just about any label material that you run through your digital label finishing system such as paper labels, polypropylene labels, polyester labels, vinyl labels, or tags.

About STA 8130 Laminates

STA 8130 laminates do not have a liner, which reduces your costs and minimizes waste. The polypropylene layer is about 1.20 mils thick. When combined with the clear adhesive layer, the film is 2.0 mils thick. STA 8130 Laminates are also compliant with the FDA's regulations concerning labels and adhesives that come in contact with food products (FDA 21 CFR 175.105 and 21 CFR 177.1520). Since STA 8130 Laminates have a silicone easy release coating, the coating helps to quiet the production environment as the labels are laminated.

Ordering STA 8130 Laminates

Optimedia Labs makes it easy to order STA 8130 Laminates along with anything else you may need to print and finish your own labels and tags. In addition to stocking STA 8130 Laminates, we carry the most popular digital label presses, digital label finishing systems, cores, blank labels and tags, replacement toner cartridges, and more. We also offer free shipping to the US and Canada on orders totaling $200 or more.

View the STA 8130 Datasheet.