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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express Barcode Design Software

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express barcode design software is the entry-level, single-user version of NiceLabel 2017’s “design and print” barcode and label design software.

When you first install NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express, you’ll immediately feel at ease thanks to its Microsoft Word-like user interface. There’s no need to get IT involved or enroll in a training class to generate barcode labels. Built-in templates and wizards make it easy to get started, and starting a brand-new label design from a blank canvas is intuitive.

Designer Express barcode label design software includes a library of predesigned templates for various barcode standards such as GM, VDA, GS-1, and others, making compliance easier than ever. Variable data is another feature that will make your job easier. With NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express, you can connect to a Microsoft Excel database or CSV file. This means you can create a single template design file and then retrieve your product-specific information from the Excel file or CSV file. This feature in the entry-level NiceLabel 2017 software will save you lots of time when designing and printing labels for products that may have different flavors or scents such electronic cigarettes, juices, coffees, candles, and so on.

Why Upgrade to NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express?

Printing barcodes and labels with variable data is a more complex process than printing non-dynamic labels, and basic label design software is simply not up to the task. NiceLabel 2016 Designer Express includes templates, wizards, barcode symbologies, a user-friendly interface, and other features that make designing and printing your own barcodes and labels a simple matter.

Not only can you connect an Excel database or import a .CSV file into the barcode design software, NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express helps you to design compliant barcodes — and the developers keep the software updated to ensure compliance should barcode standards and regulations change.

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express isn’t just about designing labels and barcodes, it’s also helpful for printing them. The NiceLabel print environment includes built-in data entry controls, filters, and error checking tools to reduce printing errors.

Who is NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express For?

This edition is ideal for individuals who need a more robust label and barcode design program with features such as built-in barcode symbologies, templates and wizards, human readable text in relation to barcodes, and Excel and .CSV connectivity. NiceLabel Designer Express is compatible with Microsoft Windows computers and provides native support for more than 4,000 label printers.

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express provides basic database support, basic dynamic data, and basic serialization with a user-friendly interface. The license for NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express is for a single computer license but with unlimited printers.

If you’re a company of one or the only person in your department responsible for barcode labels, this version of NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express (NLDEXX001S) is an affordable, single-user choice that you can use with an unlimited number of printers.

What’s the Difference between NiceLabel Designer Express and NiceLabel Designer Professional?

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express can connect to Excel or CSV-based databases, includes basic features, and is available as a single computer license only. NiceLabel 2017 Designer Professional allows connectivity to more advanced databases like Access server databases (SQL), has more advanced label design wizards, RFIQ coding and allows you to purchase multiple licenses.

For example, if you need to purchase multiple licenses for different staff in the office, then purchasing the NiceLabel Pro 3 Printer license can be more cost effective. With the Pro 3 printer license, every employee in the company can install the Nicelabel Pro software on their computer and they can all access up to 3 networked printers in the network. If you have more printers in your network, then you can just upgrade the license to the number of printers you have. For example, if you had to purchase four desktop licenses of the Express at $295 each, where you shared one to three label printers, it would be more cost effective to get the Pro 3 Printer license at for only $895. Plus, if you had 100 employees, they could all use the Nicelabel Pro software at no additional cost with its advance template wizards and database access tools.

Electronic Delivery or CD?

By default, we sell NiceLabel software via electronic delivery. When you purchase this product, you will be sent a license key via email to activate your NiceLabel 2017 software. Start by downloading the software from the trial version listed below. This gets you delivery within two business days plus saves you shipping fees.


However, if you need an installation CD, then also purchase the NiceLabel Retail box with CD. The part number for the retail box is NLPCXXXXXX-CD. This must be purchased with the software as an option if you need the CD.

Optional Hardware Key

The software is generally activated by a license key which allows you to use it on the specific computer(s) you’ve purchased the license for. If you tend to move from one computer to the next and do not want to uninstall and deactivate the software when using another computer, you’ll need to purchase the NiceLabel hardware key. This is a removable USB dongle that you can use to move from different computers as needed. You can only use the computer with the hardware key in it. If you lose the dongle, you will need to purchase a replacement. The part number for this USB dongle product is NLPCXXXXXX.


Optional Software Maintenance

Protect your NiceLabel 2017 investment by ordering the optional software maintenance plan. This will give you free technical support and free upgrades to the latest version throughout the term. These plans are sold in yearly increments.


1 Year Software Maintenance Agreement



3 Year Software Maintenance Agreement



Download a 30-Day Trial Version of NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express

The best way to determine if NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express is the right label and barcode design software for your needs is to take it for a test drive. Download the free barcode software (free for 30 days) NiceLabel trial version now.



Designer Express

Single computer license


Designer Pro

Single computer license, unlimited printers


Designer Pro 3 Printers

Unlimited computer & users license, 3 printer (good when 3 or more people need license)


Designer Pro 5 Printers

Unlimited computers & users license, 5 printer


Designer Pro 10 Printers

Unlimited computers & users license, 10 printer


Designer Pro 5 Printer Add-On

Unlimited computers & users, 5 printer add-on