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6 Ink Management Tips for Color Label Printers

6 Ink Management Tips for Color Label Printers

Posted by JB on 22nd Feb 2022

If you are using an inkjet-based color label printer, then proper ink management is critical to keeping your costs down and your productivity up. Below are 6 tips for optimizing your ink usage and getting the most out of your color label printer.

6 Ink Management Tips for Color Label Printers

  1. It pays to start with an ink-efficient color label printer. Before you buy a color label printer, be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for ink usage. Some printers are more efficient than others, so you may be able to save yourself some money in the long run by purchasing a model that doesn’t use as much ink or that has extremely low ink costs due to high-yield cartridges or "supertanks." In many cases, if you have an inefficient printer, you can actually end up spending more on ink in the long run than you would have if you had simply purchased a more efficient model. We can help you determine per-label ink costs and estimate your ROI if you switch to a new model.
  2. Once you have your printer, take some time to configure it for optimal ink usage. Make sure that the print quality is set to the highest level that your labels will require; this will help to ensure that you are not printing unnecessary ink onto your labels. You may also want to use draft mode when performing test runs and proofs, as this will minimize the amount of ink used.
  3. Evaluate your label designs.  Many label designs can be tweaked to use less ink. For example, try using a lighter font weight or fewer colors. If your label design has a solid color background, try using a pattern or gradient instead or use colored label stock.
  4. Keep your printer clean. Dust and debris can build up on the printheads over time, which can lead to decreased ink efficiency and poor print quality. Make sure to routinely clean your printer’s heads using the manufacturer’s recommended procedure.
  5. Have replacement ink cartridges on hand. It is always a good idea to have some extra ink cartridges on hand, just in case one of them runs out unexpectedly. This will help to minimize any downtime that you may experience while waiting for a new cartridge to arrive.
  6. Use the appropriate media for your application. If you are printing high-resolution graphics, then you will need a higher quality media that can handle the detail. However, if you are just printing text or simple images, then a lower quality media will suffice and use less ink.

Ink management is critical to keeping costs down and productivity up when using a color label printer. For example, if you have a Primera LX910 or any other color label printer, by following these tips, you can optimize your LX910 ink usage and get the most out of it.

If your ink costs are too high or you are not getting the productivity you need from your color label printer, contact us today for a free ink cost analysis for any of the color label printers we sell. Optimedia Labs is a leading provider of printing supplies and equipment, including color label printers. We can help you find the best printing solution for your needs and budget.