Everything You Need To Know about Seiko SLP 620/650 Labels

Everything You Need To Know about Seiko SLP 620/650 Labels

Posted by Admin on 22nd May 2021

If you are worried about your office labeling needs Seiko SLP 620/650 labels are a complete solution to it. These labels are specially meant for the SLP 620/650 label printers. These instruments are credible, user-friendly, and are capable of printing and saving the pre-designed label formats. The labels and label printers are extensive combinations of all your labeling needs.

Why are Seiko SLP 620/650 Labels better than thermal transfer labels?

These labels are direct thermal labels. They have got several advantages over transfer labels. Knowing the way direct thermal label printing is done gives a clearer idea of why it has got better prospects in terms of label printing.

●They are more environmentally friendly. Ribbons used in thermal transfer label printing give rise to a lot of non-recyclable waste. These ribbons also give rise to several by-products. But thermal transfer labels do not use these ribbons eliminating the risk on the environment.

●As they have a lower shipping weight the carbon footprint is reduced to a great amount.

●Printing these labels is a lot more time-saving affair. As they do not need ribbon for printing. The usual time required in loading and unloading the ribbon is saved.

●The labour time involved in reloading and changing the settings of the printer is also saved.

●The fear of wrinkled ribbons whilst printing is eliminated.

How can Seiko SLP 620/650 Labels help your business?

Good labeling is essential for any product to be attention deriving. It makes the product look classier and lures customers. The Seiko labels apart give clear detailed information and apt for printing labels. Labels can help your business in various ways.

●Cartridges are not required to print these labels. Although yellow ink cartridges or cyan ink cartridges might look attractive. It may be used for highlighting important details on labels it isn't durable. It can also lead to smudged labels which can affect the image of the brand.

●These labels are printed fast. You can print nearly 100 labels within minutes with accuracy. This makes the production process faster for your business.

●Since these labels do not require ink for painting. It is a far more parsimonious deal for your business. It can help you control the unnecessary spending done on labeling.

●These labels offer a complete solution to smudging or problems caused due to untimely running out of cartridges. They are faster to print, accurate and reliable. Hence, it makes the production process faster and also cuts the cost of production.

Although we spoke about the advantages of these direct thermal printers, some people still want colorful labels. This depends on the requirements of your product or label. Despite, being more reliable it can offer only black color printing. This makes it less popular.

However, in case you need color printing you can get Color label printers along with attractive yellow color cartridge or cyan color cartridge or several other such color ink cartridges at the Optimedialabs.com.

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