Handheld Scanners to Check People In

Handheld Scanners to Check People In

Posted by JB on 8th Sep 2020

Handheld barcode scanners aren’t just for the checkout line. They can be used for a wide range of applications. When you return a library book, the librarian uses a barcode scanner to check that book back into the library. This same technology can be used to check people into special events, conferences, or even classrooms. Let’s take a look.

For example, a high school marching band with more than 75 students might find that taking attendance at practice and rehearsals is time-consuming and chaotic. Instead of taking a voice roll call, consider scanning each student’s ID card as they arrive. With the GS220 barcode scanner set up in a barcode stand, students simply wave their ID cards in front of the scanner as they arrive and then begin practice. The scanner captures their information, allowing the band director to have a daily record of attendance.

You can take this even further if desired. Let’s say you’re running a conference and would like an efficient way to check attendees in as well as analyze patterns after the event. When attendees register for your event, their information can be encoded into a barcode which can be printed on their receipt or presented on their cell phone. When they arrive to check in, you can use the barcode scanner to pull up the attendees’ information, check them in, and print conference badges with a color label printer.

You can set up your label design software to incorporate this information into a personalized name badge — complete with the same barcode. Place the printed color conference badges in a badge holder and hand them to attendees. From there, badges can be scanned throughout the day at various stations and events. Since all attendees’ badges contain their registration details like name, company, and industry, you can build a database of the conference’s attendance and later discover which events were well attended by attendees from various industries.

Checking people in doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process. Use barcodes and scanners to quickly check people in to events of any type. Optimedia Labs sells barcode scanners, barcode design software, color label printers, blank barcode labels, and more. Browse our selection of barcode scanners now.