Popular Use Cases for Small Office Label Printers

Popular Use Cases for Small Office Label Printers

Posted by JB on 10th Nov 2020

A few months ago, we went over a some Popular Use Cases for Thermal Label Printers. What if you want to print color labels rather than thermal black labels? That’s where a color label printer comes in. Though you may be part of a small business, affordable color label printers are available that can make a positive impact on your office efficiency and brand. Below are some popular use cases for small office label printers.

-Name tags and visitors passes — Print your own color badges and visitors passes for guests, employees, vendors, and others. Color label printers typically come with easy-to-use label design software that allows you to quickly design and print labels. In this use case, you can even add a color photo or barcode to the badge for greater security. We like the Primera LX500 or the Epson C3500 for this use case.

-Professional product labels — Whether you sell handmade soaps and candles, coffee and tea, candies, hardware, dog food, baked goods, or anything else, being able to print your own product labels gives you flexibility and control over your branding. Look for a “prime” printer such as Primera color label printers for the best label quality.

-Carton box labels — Industrial color label printers like the Epson C3500 are ideal for printing carton labels. With pigment inks and polypropylene labels, you can print durable carton labels with text, barcodes, and color images of the carton’s contents.

-Event tickets — From golf tournaments and conferences to plays and wine tastings and beyond, being able to print your own custom event tickets is both affordable and convenient. It’s also flexible as you can print tickets as they are purchased, reducing waste. Meanwhile, your tickets can include your logo, barcodes, QR codes, and any other elements you need. Instead of using label media, you’ll use tag stock with your color label printer.

-Patient or hospitality wristbands — Some label printers can even print wristbands, which are commonly used in healthcare and hospitality settings. Add QR codes, patient identification, or even a small photo to each wristband as patients are admitted or guests screened prior to entry.

These are but a few examples of how your small office can use label printers.