The Difference between Glossy and Matte Finish

The Difference between Glossy and Matte Finish

Posted by Admin on 19th Sep 2021

There are many different ways to finish product labels, but only one is ideal for your design. Glossy, matte, and satin finishes have different purpose with different look and can give a different vibe to the brand value. Here are the differences between these label finishes -

What does it mean to have a glossy label finish?

The term "glossy finish" refers to a laminate or varnish that has a high sheen. Your product labels like with Seiko SLP620/650 Labels will have a glossy shine to them, making them stand out to customers.

Glossy finishes reflect light, which accounts for the shine. A gloss laminate coats the top of your label with a protective coating that not only protects your design but also catches the light in interesting ways. A gloss varnish is a liquid can cure and dry up to form a protective surface that reflects light while protecting your label from damage.

Aside from catching the light, glossy label finishes have some visual advantages. Gloss adds a lot of color contrast to designs, which is ideal for label design with an intriguing or complicated color scheme when you print with Epson GP-C831 Cyan Ink Cartridge. That gleaming sheen also gives products a fresh, exciting feel, similar to a toy that has just been unwrapped for the first time.

Satin and Matte Label Finish differences

A matte finish, unlike a gloss, is an effect that creates a dulled, non-reflective surface. Matte laminates are applied to the top of your label material in the same way as glossy laminates, but they have the opposite effect of shiny. Satin laminate can look similar to lamination. The main distinction is that satin is a term for UV varnishes, whereas matte is a term for laminates.

The dulled effect is far from boring; in fact, the subtle, muted look adds sophistication to your products, giving them a more mature, natural feel. You can try printing with Epson GP-C831 Yellow Ink Cartridge to get the feel.

Which Label Finish Should You Use for Your Products?

Gloss, matte, and satin finishes are all excellent choices for product labels, but their aesthetics are vastly different. The key to determining which decorative finish is best for your brand is to consider the message you want to convey through your packaging.